About us

We are a charity organization that defends, rehabilitates and empowers victims of violence, marginalization and exploitation, helps them make peace and live harmoniously through formation of socio-economic community networks and teams. We work to improve the general well-being of communities and promote peaceful co-existence of individuals, especially in marginalized communities. We have been victims of marginalization/social evils and led difficult lives (orphaned, displaced, bartered, cheated, fostered and poverty-stricken), but survived through hard child labour or otherwise. Our experiences could not allow us to sit back, let alone watch others go through the same when opportunities to support them in some way exist. What makes us distinctive is our culture to team up and use individual potentials to enrich and support ourselves and others in communities. We believe that while an individual may be uniquely blessed with potentialities and/or talents, teamwork is more powerful and beneficial since no one is a monopoly of talents and skills in this world. We do our work by mobilizing innovative knowledgeable individuals in teams to advance their development and of their communities.

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