Palliative Outreach Project (POP) for HIV patients

One of the patients

Palliative Outreach Project for HIV Sufferers

7.2% of Uganda’s population are known to be inflicted with HIV. This figure is, in reality, much higher as many live their lives unknowing of the disease they have until they become fatally sick. The international and local response to this growing epidemic has been significant in helping to stem and treat this fatal disease. Testing, counselling and pharmaceutical support is widely available to HIV sufferers but there are few projects that address their psycho-social needs.

This evident need for both physical and mental empowerment of people in the final stages of the disease incurred the birth of POP; a home-based palliative care outreach service that promotes healthy eating and living, through the supply of fruits and antibacterial soaps to help improve health and reduce progression of the disease. Volunteers spend a few hours a week with these patients, keeping them company, helping them around the house and generally improving their psycho-social status. Positive, mental strength encourages physical strength, evoking hope and general wellbeing for a better quality of life.

POP is a social initiative and not a medical one, meaning that anyone who wants to volunteer can; they will simply report to the healthcare professionals at TASO (The Aids Support Organization) if they feel the need for medical intervention. Our volunteers are not only international but in fact local Ugandans who want to empower their communities; some who even have HIV themselves but lead healthy, positive lives and wish to support those who are less able.

If you are interested in volunteering for POP, would like more information or would like to donate to the cause, please contact Nathan at

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